REGEX-Escape for: <a href="">where to buy prednisone...

Your Input:
Result, the escaped string:

What must the escaping look like for:
<a href="">where to buy prednisone online without a script</a> <a href="">clomid pill</a> <a href="">cialis eli lilly</a> <a href="">where to buy prednisone</a> <a href="">albenza cost</a> <a href="">vardenafil hcl 20mg tab</a> <a href="">wellbutrin abilify</a> <a href="">where can i buy vermox</a>

The excaped text for use in a regex is:
\<a href\="http\:\/\/buyprednisone\.network\/"\>where to buy prednisone online without a script\<\/a\> \<a href\="http\:\/\/buyclomidonlinenorx\.us\.com\/"\>clomid pill\<\/a\> \<a href\="http\:\/\/cialis1038\.com\/"\>cialis eli lilly\<\/a\> \<a href\="http\:\/\/prednisonefastsecure\.com\/"\>where to buy prednisone\<\/a\> \<a href\="http\:\/\/buyalbendazoleonlinenorx\.us\.com\/"\>albenza cost\<\/a\> \<a href\="http\:\/\/vardenafil2020\.com\/"\>vardenafil hcl 20mg tab\<\/a\> \<a href\="http\:\/\/buyabilifyonlinenorx\.us\.com\/"\>wellbutrin abilify\<\/a\> \<a href\="http\:\/\/vermox\.network\/"\>where can i buy vermox\<\/a\>